Undergraduate audiences

Undergraduates will heavily rely on it for information and updates, both serious in times of crisis (such as COVID-19) and for more casual information (such as about events or societies).

You can also expect Undergraduates to speak candidly about the University on Twitter and Facebook. Do not be afraid to engage with them and the community on there

What are their preferred social media platforms?

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will be their most popular choices. They will expect information targeted at them so it is important that they are regularly catered to in posts.

Undergraduates use Instagram as a way to keep up to date with the latest things happening at the University (i.e. upcoming events, festivals or workshops), or to simply engage with content they enjoy. We are seeing increased engagement in things like Instagram Q&As so there is a shift towards engaging with the platform for information, but which is more tailored to their specific needs and questions.

Undergraduates are not on LinkedIn too often, but when they are there, they are looking at internship and work experience opportunities and to increase their connections

What about prospective students?

There is also some overlap between Undergraduates and Prospective Students. Prospective students will be largely interested in seeing on social media how the student life and experience are represented.

However, there are distinct times of year when Prospective Students will be engaging with the University in greater numbers. Be sure you are not neglecting this audience for topics such general research, open days, prospectus/course information and clearing – in line with the campaigns around recruitment that will be running.

Prospective Students will rely on a University’s social channels to help them gather a sense of the brand, which will in turn help them make decisions around applications. Research shows that social media is the first place they will look (before the website) for information and to start forming an opinion of the university. They will also use Instagram as a way to virtually see the campus, the students, lessons, facilities and the surrounding area, to give them a sense of what it will actually be like to study there.

Best practice

Messaging examples

PrimaryBring your A-game. And we’ll do the rest.
The place to ignite ambition.
Challenge Accepted.
Think further. Be greater.
We are the generation.
SecondaryWhoever you are, wherever you’re from, and wherever you’re going – we will help to harness the boundless potential that’s within you. So, bring your ideas, bring your goals – bring your best – and join those who have the ambition to achieve more.
Key topicsStudent life
What's on
Important information
Relevant updates
Workshops and classes
University opportunities
Jobs, internships and apprenticeships.

Platform examples


New Skill:

Talk about potential! Which is the most common lockdown skill being learnt by our Herts students?

  1. Baking
  2. Guitar
  3. New language
  4. Gardening

Study Abroad:

Our Study Abroad program is now open for applications! Where would you most like to experience?


New Skill:

Talk about potential! What skill have you begun #learning over #lockdown?

  1. #Baking
  2. #Guitar
  3. New language
  4. #Gardening

Study Abroad:

Did you know you can travel the world AND study? Our Study Abroad program is now open. [URL]

#Herts #StudyAbroad #universityofhertfordshire #travel


New Skill:

From baking to guitar, gardening to a new language, the extra time spent at home has meant loads of new skills.

Herts students told us that the top skill they’ve learned has been… *drum roll please* gardening! Sounds like we’ve got a lot of green thumb potential in our midst.

Study Abroad:

Lucy from Rome says hello! Our Study Abroad program is now open for applications. Wouldn’t you want to study with this view?

#Herts #StudyAbroad #Rome #Travel


New Skill:

Alongside making you smarter, learning a new skill is also said to keep you healthy…

Keeping our neural pathways active, reducing stress levels and potentially delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s are just a few ways that learning new skills benefits you.

Which new skills have you learnt during lockdown? Share in the comments.

#Learning #Education #Lockdown #Herts

Study Abroad:

A year abroad not only looks good on the resume but is a great way to grow and expand your skills.

Herts' Study Abroad program is now open for applications. What will you learn from studying abroad? [URL].

#Herts #StudyAbroad  #travel

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