National Student Survey

What is the National Student Survey (NSS)?

The National Student Survey (NSS) is an independently administered survey of all final year undergraduate students across the UK, intended to gauge student satisfaction levels with their overall university experience.

It is commissioned by the Office for Students (OfS) and administered by Ipsos and will be open for our students from Monday 5 February until Tuesday 30 April 2024. Students can access the survey online at

Key information

Key dates5 February – 30 April

12 December 2023, Pre-notification email sent out
4 January 2024, Vice Chancellor/DoS email sent out
5 February 2024, Launch on organic social media channels

National Student Survey
HertsHub page

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Survey promotion Do’s and Don’ts: guidance from Ipsos

It is important that everyone involved in the promotion of the survey understands the guidelines provided by Ipsos. Our students need to feel that they are able to give honest and anonymous feedback on their whole student experience, and so please take some time to read through the following guidance documents:

Schools may be able to hold physical engagement events to encourage NSS completion. Here's a list of ideas you could use for a virtual event or activity to celebrate your Class of 2024 students and to make them feel part of the community:

  • Virtual yearbook. Ask your students to contribute to a virtual yearbook with quotes and images. You can use tools like Kudo Boards
  • Quiz. Hold a virtual quiz about things you have done as a community this year and ask your students to contribute a question or a round!
  • Talk about the NSS! Simply keep the survey part of your conversations with students.
  • Make it a little competitive and use our School leader boards

Approved copy and assets

The below content is approved for use across all relevant University social media channels. To download available assets, follow the link under each item. Please ensure you are using the correct artwork per channel (i.e. do not post artwork intended for Facebook on Instagram). Copy is intended as a guide and can be flexed depending on your audience.

There is no approved post copy, but we have provided you with guidance copy below. This will allow you flexibility with messaging. We would ask that you take the copy from the official NSS website or NSS Herts Hub page and refer to that for accuracy of information and adhere to the tone of voice guidelines if any slight amendments are required.

Guidance copy

Together we can build a better Herts. Fill in the National Student Survey.

#NSS #NSS2024

Campaign assets

Our campaign assets allow you to promote the NSS locally. Download each asset and use them to promote the NSS.

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Email banners

Our email banners allow you to promote the NSS campaign.

An iPhone displaying a Herts Instagram post asking students to complete the National Student Survey

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Our generic assets allow you to promote the NSS campaign.

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Social posts: prize draw

Our prize posts allow you to advertise the prize draw for completing the survey as part of the wider NSS campaign.

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Our A1 posters allow you to promote the NSS campaign.

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Social posts: video

Share this video featuring key members of our staff to promote the NSS campaign.