In today’s digital landscape – more than ever – people are aware of typography, it is key that we maintain consistent use of type throughout our brand.

The choice of a typeface plays a pivotal role in shaping a brand's identity and communication. It serves as a fundamental element that conveys the brand's personality, values, and message to its audience. A well-selected typeface can evoke emotions, establish credibility, and create a memorable impression on consumers.

In order to protect the integrity of our visual identity our primary typeface is only available for use by approved creative partners. In all instances, staff should use our system font.

System font: Arial

Arial is our approved system font, and we encourage all staff members to utilise it consistently in their work. The use of Arial ensures a cohesive, professional and accessible appearance across all documents, presentations, and communications produced within the University.

By adhering to this standard font, we enhance the clarity and readability of our content while reinforcing a unified brand identity. Consistency in font usage not only promotes a sense of coherence but also fosters trust that your communications are supported by the University. Arial is available in range of weights.

An example of the font Arial when bold

Arial Bold

An example of the font Arial in regular

Arial Regular

Arial in use

An image showing the font Arial in use in an email
An image showing the font Arial in use in a letter

What to use and when

StyleFontPt sizeColour
Document titleArial bold20ptBlack
Heading 1Arial bold16ptBlack
Heading 2Arial bold14ptBlack
Heading 3Arial bold12ptBlack
BodyArial regular11ptBlack

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