Videography is key in sharing the University's story. It allows us to show authentically the passion of our people and the transformative impact of our work.

Great video content can capture the imagination of our audiences like no other form of media. It embodies our 'show don't tell' philosophy, opens up dialogue and gives a true insight into what life is like at Herts.

Getting video right is important, and there are a great many things to consider. The guidance on these pages provides an overview of best practice in videography, however we suggest speaking to Marketing and Communications for expert advice before undertaking any large video project or piece for external audiences.

Decorative image

Commission or produce professional films with conviction with our guide to powerful videography...

Filming yourself and others

Learn how to make the most of your own equipment to produce quick but quality clips and recordings...

Publishing video content

Share your content with the world by making an upload request to the University's YouTube channel...

Get in touch

If you have any questions please contact a member of the team:

Studio team, Marketing and Communications
Jak Kimsey, Head of Digital and Creative Experience (he/him)
Marketing and Communications Business